What are the pseudo materials used to make stained-glass-like art?
[2009-06-09 09:50:48]

Q: I want to do some glass art with my teens. There were some materials that my husband use to use that would simulate stained glass. It was a black sustance that you "draw" onto the glass, let dry and then paint. Anybody know what I'm talking about?

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Any tips for stained glass art?
[2009-03-09 13:21:34]
Brazan Design stained glass night lights in progress

I want to learn to do stained glass art and I'm starting to research it. One thing I don't quite understand is if most crafters buy pre-colored glass, create their own (with chemicals) or paint their glass. I'm also looking for more info on framing the glass as an actual window as opposed to...

Right now the hobby of stained glass is very expensive. When I first started a roll of solder was 5.99 now it runs around 15.99-17.99. Copper foil is out of sight as well. Your supplies to get started are kind of expensive because you want a high quality soldering iron that will hold a steady...

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Diego Tolomelli and the Stain of Original Sin "The reference between stained glass and religion is more to do with who was rich enough in the past to commission the subject matter for windows," points out artist Diego Tolomelli. Tolomelli first started working with glass in his retirement community town of Pavia

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But Cheney is amazed at how innovative Tiffany was as a stained glass artist. "If you look at the curtain glass in St. Paul Preaching, there are real folds of glass to create shadowing. He used as little paint as reasonable to replicate the work of