2D abstract vs 3D abstract in art.?
[2008-01-03 20:44:40]

Q: What are your opinions about how the public in general, and many artists, have difficulties discerning between what is artistic in abstract paintings and artistic in abstract sculpture? Why do 2D and 3D differ?

A: If you're talking about 3d in abstract paintings the closest would be those pictures your have to look at cross-eyed.
I think that's where public may get confused. A 3D sculpture on the other hand is obviously 3D to everyone.

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abstract art software help?
[2009-02-16 19:19:05]
positively shagadellic

im one of those people that are crazy about abstract art and like making my own but i cant find good softwarethat will let me make 3d abstract art anyone know about good software that could help me?

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